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Coding Ninjas founder Ankush Singla Success Story


It is the story of a humble boy, who didn’t have an idea to proceed after class 12th. But now he is the founder of coding Ninja, one of the most reputable online coding platforms. 

Passion and purpose are the pillars of any successful entrepreneur. So today in this blog, we are going to dive deep into coding Ninjas founder Ankush Singla Success Story. 

Coding Ninjas founder Ankush Singla: Early days 

Anush Singla was born and brought up in Haryana. In his childhood, he could not get a lot of exposure to education and Technology. So he never kept big dreams in his life. 

But he was very good at math and with someone’s suggestion, he decided to go into engineering. Then he started preparing for the entrance examination for engineering. 

Then with his hard work and sincere effort, he got into one of the reputable engineering colleges, IIT Delhi. In his engineering career, he took computer science. 

He was fascinated with the subject of computer science. It is because he believed that coding can impact a lot of lives. And even it can impact a lot of people. 

So his love for coding made him successful in his earlier career. After he graduated from IIT Delhi, he did his higher education at Stanford University. 

Then after finishing his Master, Ankush Singla got a job at Google. There he got a lot of exposure to technology. So Ankush Singla is a very passionate and hard worker.

Later he also joined Facebook in 2011. There he worked on an important project about ” Timeline”. Now it is one of the important features of Facebook. 

So Ankush Singla contributed a lot to the project ” Timeline”. After the launch of its feature over a hundred million people used it. It was a very fascinating moment for Ankush Singla. 

He was mesmerized by the result. And now is love for coding elevated the peak. Then he started thinking to impact a lot of lives with his coding skills. 

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Coding Ninjas Founder Anush Singla Turning point

The person who is settled in the US and working on Facebook. What else does he need? 

But Ankush Singla did not have this kind of mindset. Instead, he was constantly thinking about creating his own startup. But he was not getting enough courage to take off. 

Once he was watching an interview with Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon. There he told about the secret of success. He advises that one should think 20 years ahead of life. So one should decide in such a way that he should feel less regret after 20 years. 

This is one of the famous theories of Jeff Bezos and it is also called as “Regret Minimization Framework”. 

In simple words, one should plan life in such a way that he should not regret that he could not able to give a try. Instead of regretting one should at least start and fail. So failing is much better than regretting your entire life. 

Even Jeff Bezos left his banking job on Wall Street. Then he decided to sell books online. So he predicted that the internet will rule the world. Ultimately he thought about the future and started by taking a tough decision. 

This interview gave Ankush Singla clarity about his future. Then he quit his job and came to India.

He was inspired by Jeff Bezos. Now he was hunting for opportunities to solve in the field of education. Even he is fascinated to solve the problem with his coding skills.

Ankush Singla founder Journey

Then he started his first startup, but it failed miserably within 6 months. So finally he got a taste of entrepreneurship. He understood that entrepreneurship is super hard. 

The only thing that pushed him was his passion. Even his family supported him in every tough situation. So this booster is a conference to try new things. 

Then he founded “ Coding Blocks” in 2014. It is an open-source coding platform. So anyone can start coding with this platform. 

Finally, he noticed the problem of unemployment in India. Then after his research, he came to know that there is a huge gap between Indian education and companies’ requirements. 

Now many graduates do not have industry-level skills. So they will find it hard to find a job in a good company. This motivated Ankush Singla to start “Coding Ninjas” in 2016. 

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Coding Ninjas Startup

It is an online learning platform. Here anyone can learn coding with the guidance of industry experts. So here the instructors are from reputable companies. 

Therefore they will teach all the necessary skills to get a job. But it did not happen for just a few months. But Coding Ninjas’ out god started with a humble beginning. 

In 2016, Anush Singla, Kannu Mittal, and Dhawal Parate founded “Coding Ninjas”. Initially, it got started in the offline mode. So they started in a college with students around 50 to 60. 

Then the startup went on to teach online. Now it is entirely online-based learning. In the first year of online learning, Coding Ninjas empowered more than 2000 students to learn to code. Then with the second year, the number increased to 5000 and in the third year it jump to 11000 students. 

So it was a massive growth for Coding Ninjas. Now at present in 2022, Coding Ninjas is teaching around 30000 students. In this platform even working professionals come to learn coding to change their careers. There are around 9000 working professionals who are learning coding in Coding Ninjas. 

Initially, Coding Ninjas got started with 5 employees. But now that the employees count increased to 150 in 2022. So, This is the success of Coding Ninjas founder Ankush Singla.

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Coding Ninjas courses Review

Coding Ninjas Courses

In this platform, the student will undergo industry-level training. So that any student can crack a job in a good company. The students will practice over 350 programs and also work with real-time problems. 

At coding Ninjas, anyone can clear their doubts with chats. So this will motivate students to learn more. There are over 3000 doubts are solved daily at Coding Ninjas 

Coding Ninjas courses will make a great impact on careers. There are 150 + students working in FAANG companies across the world. There are over a hundred plus students who got international job offers. 

Ultimately coding Ninjas courses will impact youths’ life. Coding Ninjas students got placed in the companies like Google, Microsoft, Adobe, Walmart, Samsung, Morgan Stanley, Facebook, OYO, and Expedia. 

In coding Ninjas, there is a platform called “CodeStudio” where anyone can practice coding. Also, there are candidates with interview experience at an International Company. So there are a lot of resources to get prepared for jobs. 

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Coding Ninjas Fundings 

Coding Ninjas founder Ankush Singla expanded that course according to the demand. So the company got some impressive results, in 2022 Coding Ninjas’ revenue grew by 55% and made 27.96 crores. 

In the previous year, Coding Ninjas 2021 revenue touched over 17 crores. This platform offers courses in Java, C++, python, web development, and many more. 

In 2002, Info Edge acquired a majority stake in Coding Ninjas by investing 135.4 crores. Now Info Edge has 51% of the stakes in the company.

In this way, Coding Ninjas Founder Ankush Singla founded a platform to learn to code. Now it is impacting a lot of students’ life. 

Every budding entrepreneur should seek lessons from coding Ninjas founder Ankur Singla entrepreneurial spirit.

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