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Hydroponic Farming business soilless farming


Farming is the best method to earn money in this modern era. Because latest modern innovation agriculture made it possible. Now you can grow vegetables, greens, and herbs home itself.

Moreover, the soil is not mandatory to do farming. Earlier, the soil is the essential factor for the growth of any type of crop. But now you can just eliminate this factor during the process. Is it sound amazing?

So, now everyone is shifting do Hydroponic farming business at home. Even you can hydroponic is a larger area as well. In this blog, we will go in-depth about the process of Hydroponic farming.

Hydroponic business in India

Now, Hydroponic farming is an on-demand business in metropolitan cities. Hydroponic farming is a soilless mode of farming where the soil is taken off with the nutrient solution.

Now the saplings are transformable to the tray where the roots get in contact with the nutrient solution. Whereas, trays act as an encasing medium. This solution is recycled, pumped down, and purified at regular intervals.

So, the roots of the plant get in contact with nutrients regularly. Otherwise, some absorbing material is given around the roots so to facilitate nutrient supply. 

The whole farming technique is so simple, as you can start farming at home. Hydroponic farming is also soilless farming.

Hydroponic farming materials


To start farming there are several factors one has to take care of

Firstly, the supporting material of the hydroponics plants are perlite, peat, and coconut fiber must be in use in an adequate manner. The whole farming technique builds on the plastic of PVC pipe structure.

Secondly, Lightings are essential to Hydroponic farming at home. Where light plays an important factor in photosynthesis.

 One has to install a hydroponic bulb between 400-600W. The most relevant type of bulb is High-Intensity Discharge lights. 

So, light arrangements should be taken care of efficiently. Because inadequate lighting might deteriorate the crop growth.

Thirdly, the water pH level should be strictly procure. Hydroponic plants require a pH level between 6 to 6.5. The solution is under a low acidic medium. 

Adding the nutrients to the water should take care time-to-time. Because this might increase the pH of the water.

Fourthly, the oxygen supply should not get any kind of disruption. There should be a finite amount gap between the reservoir and plants roots. So that oxygen can easily get into the roots.

Finally, even the roots should be encases with the right kind of absorbing material. These materials act as a humidity regulator. Some of the best absorbing materials are perlite, peat, coconut fiber, and rock wool.

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Advantages of Hydroponic Farming


The hydroponic farming business has numerous advantages. Besides hydroponic farming can start with a small room in a house or a big infrastructure as well.

Here are some advantages of the hydroponic farming

  1. This type of farming gives a higher yield than usual. Because the crops are grown in dense manner and there is no space frail. As a result, there are more crops grown in less area, so you can expect a high yield.
  2. Hydroponic farming consumes less water in the process. Because the whole system of water will be replenishablle and recycle at regular intervals. This type of farming saves almost 95% of water. 
  3. Temperature, light, and nutrients are the factors for a good yield. These factors are controlled by the owners of the hydroponic farms. So if all the factors are given at sufficient quantity then probably of getting good yield is maximum.
  4. Soil is the major source of pests in traditional farming. But in hydroponic cultivation soil is taken off and even water will be recycled and replenish from time to time. So the chances of occurrence of pests are fewer.

Disadvantages of Hydroponic

On the other hand, there are negative effects of hydroponic farming. But these disadvantages are not vital but still good to be aware of it.

  • Investments

The initial cost to set up hydroponic farming infrastructure is very high. Besides your investment also depends on the types of crop you grow and on the area.

If you want to start with basic infrastructure, then it requires a minimum of 8 lakh o investments.

  • Electricity

In this type of farming, electricity plays a vital role. Because all the methods in the farming will be relying directly on electricity.

Pumping waters, lightings requires the continuous need for electricity. For the large setup severy amount of electricity want to procure for exhausts and cooling systems.

  • Control

 The Hydroponic farming business needs a lot of precautionary measures. Some laborers have to take care of the system wisely. Otherwise, farm owners have to face serious consequences.

As the latest farming methods are customizable to such as the extent that small changes might affects crops adversely.

  • Waterborne diseases

As hydroponic farming replaces soil with nutrient solutions. So plants have to directly come in contact with the solution.

 As a result, the chances of waterborne diseases are high.

To prevent water-borne diseases, water must be pumped, recycled, and replenish at regular intervals.

Types of Hydroponic farming

There are varieties of hydroponic farming in the market. Here are some vital types of hydroponic farming

  1. Wick Hydroponic System
  2. Water culture Hydroponic System
  3. Ebb and Flow 
  4. Drip Hydroponic System

Now, the Hydroponic farming business is getting high traction. Everyone is aware of the demand for food grains, fruits, and vegetables.

Customizable farming techniques are in high demand. Because it is technology inclusive and requires low laborers. Even technology makes tasks easier and swift.

The hydroponics farming business is also inclusive of technology. By investing an initial of 10 -15 lakhs one can earn 4-5 lakhs of revenue per month based on the type of crop. The earning is also depends on the area size and quality of the yield.

This type of farming is 20 to 40% more efficient. Even people are also looking forward to extra income. Therefore, Hydroponic farming is the best farming technique to insulate and make some money.

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