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Zetwerk Became unicorn: B2B marketplace startup


The Indian startup ecosystem is getting robust and massive. Everyone month new unicorn startup is getting on the list. A lot of investors are investing in well build enterprises.

Digit Insurance was the first unicorn at the beginning of the calendar year 2021. Now the Zetwerk became a unicorn with the latest fundings.

Zetwerk was able to raise $150 million in its series E round. Now the companies valuation went up to $1.33 billion. So, it became the 25th unicorn in 2021.

The latest fundings took place in August 2021. Then the lead investors of the fundings round weas DL Capital Partners. Even some new investors also took part in the investment. Avenir and IIFL are the new investors.

Other existing investors are Greenoaks Capital, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Sequoia Capital, and Accel Partners.

Zetwerk company was able to attract successful entrepreneur’s investments as well. Kunal Shah the founder of CRED and Ritesh Agarwal founder of OYO took part in the fundings.

The company utilizes the funds to build a robust and extensive supply chain. Even create innovative technology is at the top priority. The company also wants to expand its services and network to new geography. 

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Zetwerk is a B2B marketplace where it procures and manufactures customized products for companies. Then it also connects manufacturers to small businesses and enterprises.

The company Zetwerk changing traditional into digitalizing the whole ordering ecosystem. Now any company can order customizable products via Zetwerk.

The company was founded in May 2018. The company tries to build a bridge between the various manufacturers the small businesses and enterprises. It is aiming to build the largest B2B manufacturing network. Now Zetwerk became the unicorn of India with more than $1 billion valuations.

The company is providing good services to its clients. Even Zetwerk is in high demand and also successful to get $128 million of fundings in revenue in 2020-2021.

Amrit Acharya, Srinath Ramakrushanan, Rahul Sharma, and Vishal Chaudhary are the founders of Zetwerk. Till now the company has successfully able to complete 5000+ orders.

Zetwork is expanding its services to other countries like Mexico, the USA, and the Middle East. This B2B company is serving more than 15+ countries.

The company Zetwerk serves in various industries such as oil&gas, Aerospace, Construction, Mining, Fluid Controls. It gives its services in 25+ industries. Zetwerk became a unicorn for its wide services range and higher product quality.

Now the company is successful due to the high quality of products and loyalty. Till now the company able to serve its 1000+ projects on time.

The company has high-profile clients such as BHEL, JSW, Susten, Tenova, TATA motors and Steel, Ultra Vision, and Vention.

Zetwerk became unicorn: fundings details

Every startup needs fundings for its high and fast growth trajectory. If the services of the company are top-class then it will become a successful company.

The company got initial seed fundings of $1.5 million in 2018 with 3 months of its launch.

Then in its series A, Zetwerk was able to raise $9 million. The lead investors in the fundings round were Accel and Sequoia Capital.

The companies growth trajectory curve was growing in the following years. So Zetwerk was able to raise good amounts in the upcoming fundings round.

 In series B the company successfully raised $32 million. The lead investors were Lightspeed Ventures Partners and Greenoaks Capital.

On the following funding round, series D raise $120 million. The funding round took place in February 2021. Then the lead investors were Lightspeed Venture Partner and Greenoaks Capital. From this round of fundings, the companies valuation rose o $600 million.

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Zetwerk story


The story of the Zetwerk foundation is quite twisty. IITian Amrit Acharya was well educated abroad. Even he had a high-paying job. As he was working in ITC in India. Then he did not have any satisfaction and urge to continue higher education.

So in 2014, he quit his job and took MBA. After a while, he completes his graduation in 2016 from the University of California. Then he got a job in McKinsey in San Francisco, US.

But his fate had an unprecedented twist and turns in the future. Amit Acharya in his role found that his decisions were not respected. As he was obliged to give suggestions to the issues. However, he got the conclusion that his advice was not taken seriously.

Besides he was facing multiple problems in VISA. So he could not able work in the country instead the continuing his work in from another country. Finally, he could not able sustain humiliation and discomfort anymore. 

So, he finally came to Banglore with his spouse. But the matter has gone worse when his father was angry about his present situation. Then Amit Acharya was desperate to start his company.

Eventually, in 2018 he and his three IIT Friends Srinath Ramakkrshnan, Vishal Chaudhary, and Rahul Sharma set up to launch Zetwerk.

Where the company provides software to the B2B companies where it helps to track and manage the supply chain. But within 30 days the company pivot the idea and became B2B marketplace for custom manufacturing.

In this way, Zetwerk became a unicorn and still progressing to new heights. The startup is striving hard to build robust technology and to provide better services.

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