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Toothsi startup story: invisible aligners


Many of us often feel annoyed about having braces on our teeth. Besides, metal braces feel to look shabby and unappealing.

Many children now are having issues with their teeth. Some problems like tooth decay, crooked teeths, and many more.

But many of us do not give preference for straightening of teeth at early stages. So, the ultimate victims will be the children facing problems in teeth alignment.

Finally, they will consult a dentist and be prescribed metal braces. Then now it will be very challenging for adults or children to manage with metal braces.

In most cases, metal braces having very ill effects on teeth. Moreover, one should follow strict precautions while handling braces. Everyone will be restricted to a certain type of food and brushing patterns also be changed.

Metal braces have the worst impact on the smile. Only metal brace holders can experience the awkward moment.

But now, dental tech startups came to solve the problems of metal braces. The startup has revolutionized by procuring invisible tooth aligners. Toothsi startup story is inspirational for many woman entrepreneurs.

Here we are going give complete history about the startup

Toothsi startup story

Toothsi is a dental tech startup, providing invisible smile correction services. Thus it provides invisible teeth aligners.

Now no more problems with metal braces. In the market, Invisalign braces are in demand.

Dental tech startup, Toothsi company of founded in November 2018. Till now, the company procures more than 25,000 customers. 

Besides it has a presence in 11 major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, and Pune.

The startup has got a lot of traction over the years. The company has 2000+ dental partners which makes them a strong contender. Besides, it has 100+ in-house dental professionals.

Arpi Mehta, Pravin Shetty, Manjul Jain, and Anirudh Kale are the founder of Toothsi. The founders bought great changes in metal braces complications.

 This company provides aligners that are transparent, tasteless, lightweight, and flexible.

Now Toothsi is India’s first and largest providing at-home teeth alignment services. Now everyone with Toothsi is an invisible aligner who can give big and gorgeous smiles. Tothsi startup story is changing the way of braces anxiousiness.

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Story behind Toothsi startup story


Startups are there to solve existing problems in society. Most startup founders are inspired by some incidents in their lives. Even Toothsi teeth aligners startup founder had similar experiences.

Arpi Mehta witnesses the negligence in tooth-related issuers. Especially Indians are reluctant in approaching dentists. Besides, people are not aware of future complications.

Tooth alignment issues are one of the highly pre-existing problems. Nowadays the majority of teens are facing these issues. But still, they are not looking for its remedy. Because they know that remedy is annoying metal braces.

Everyone has the opinion that metal braces are not highly effective. Moreover, it severely damages teeth surfaces. These are the reasons most people are avoiding the teeth straitening process.

Arpi Mehta also witnessing the scenario helplessly. But she did not keep quiet instead went on to find a solution. Then she came across San Jose Align Technology in California. 

This company was providing invisible teeth aligners. It was replacing metal braces with invisible aligners. Arpi Mehta was fascinated and thrilled to know about technology.

She was so interested to know about the technology behind it. Her interest turns into passion later. Finally, she took the course in Lingual Orthodontics.

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Toothsi startup journey


Then Arpi Mehta completed her certification in Lingual (invisible) orthodontics. She felt to start a dental tech startup keeping invisible aligners as main products.

Then she went to approach ideas to his friends and colleagues. Eventually, Pravin Shetty, Manjul Jain, and Anirudh Kale became partners with Arpi Mehta. They started a company with an initial investment of 5 crores

In November 2018, Arpi Mehta, and three partners started the Toothsi startup. Then they went on to approach people to introduce this technology.

Invisible teeth aligners are a very new concept in India. So Toothsi teeth aligners startup had a tough time spread awareness of the brand.

Further, the demand for invisible aligners was also increasing. To facilitate customers, Toothsi company set up a free home consultation. Where the 3D scan is taken at home itself. 

During the times in COVID-19, facilitates many users with home consultation services.

This is a D2C brand where it procures invisible aligners directly from its manufacturing units. The company has its unit in Mumbai. Even the brand imports its material from Germany.

Toothsi teeth aligners are of top-notch quality. Unlike the heavy metal braces, it is lightweight and also does not affect your jaw movement.

Even Toothsi aligners are so flexible because you don’t get the feeling of wearing them. Besides, it is tasteless and customizable. These factors enhance the comfort of aligners.

Now the company is operating in 11 major Indian cities. It claims that Toothsi has high skilled dental professionals.

Toothsi teeth aligners startup also aiming for 100 crores revenue in the upcoming years. So, Toothsi startup story about Arpi Mehta was an appealing one.

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Fundings of Toothsi startup 2021

Toothsi, a dental tech startup has got high traction in recent times. Its operation and user base are also increasing day by day. 

Even are investors are also very keen on investing in the firm. Recently, Toothsi got fundings of $5 million in January 2021.

Investors like Siddarth Shah(CEO of Ascent Health), Ramakant Sharma( co-founder of Livspace), and Think investment a San Francisco-based hedge fund made an investment.

On the latest funding news of August 2021, Toothsi in its Series B was able to raise $20 million. The fundings were led by Eight Roads Ventures, Thing Investors, and the Mankar Family Office.

Other investors like Pharmaesy co-founders Siddharth Sheth and Dharmil Sheth, Ramakant Sharma and Karan Singh of Bain&Co, and also Black Rock Asia’s president Vishal Agarwal took part in the investments.

Toothsi teeth aligners startup will use this capital in expansion and the R&D field. Even the market size is high up to $5 billion for clear aligners.

Toothsi startup fundings 2022

Dental tech startup, Toothsi has raised $13 million or 100Cr in the year 2021. This funding round was led by IIFL.

In Toothsi fundings, IIFL made an investment of over 75 crores and Mahendra Chunilal Shah made 25 Cr into the funding round.

Toothsi is a Mumbai-based startup. Where the company’s focus is to cater to its customer with clear or invisible tooth aligners. Now, clear aligners are in trend and also people also have traction towards the products as well. 

Till now, Toothsi startup has claimed to design 65,000 aligners. Toothsi startup have 15% of profit in the year 2021 of 15 Cr. Comparatively in 2021, it made only 4 Cr. But there was a huge expense that expands to over 44 Cr in 2021 comparatively of 28 cr in 2020.

Toothsi fundings 2022, has raised $40 million in its Series C round. Eight road ventures, South Korea-based Paramark, IIFL, Prashanth Singh, and Tushar co-founders of Medlife made active investments in the funding round.

Toothsi teeth aligners prices

Toothsi, the dental startup now getting a lot of demand from its users. Even they made affordable prices on invisible aligners.

 To facilitate the customers they have an EMI option starting from INR 3,999. Toothsi aligners have two plans Toothsi easy and Toothsi Prime.

These two planes’ prices are INR 51,999 and INR 66,999 respectively. Even the prices vary depending on the type aligners requirements.


Clear aligners are in high demand. It is a huge opportunity for startups to grab a huge audience. There are a lot of players in the Teeth alignment technology space.

  1. LovemyBraces
  2. Snazzy Align
  3. TeethLogic
  4. Invisalign

These are the top players in the respective industry. Even the market size is as big as USD 5 billion.

In this way, Toothsi teeth aligners startup is making an impact in the dental space. To have a beautiful smile even behind the braces do consult Toothsi.

Eventually, the Toothsi Startup story is bringing new hope to the brace holders. Even Toothsi startup is empowering them with the new technology.

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