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Mamaearth startup story: baby products


Babies are the most sensitive ones. Even a small flaw in caring might turn to uncertainty. 

So, every parent is keen on caring for the babies. Parents are so cautious in selecting the products of babies. They always need high standards and quality to nourish the babies.

Being a parent is a special feeling. Besides, they also want to be even responsible and cautious. Every time they want to give special attention to newborn babies.

So, the parent becomes highly cautious in choosing baby care products. Right from the diapers to getting protective clothes to the babies, in each commodity parents will very choosy. They won’t compromise on baby care products.

Each day in India, there over 67 thousand newborn babies take birth. Every minute 49 new infants getting a chance to enter into this world. So, providing good products to babies becomes a challenge to the country.

Baby care products are expected to grow $26 billion by 2025. So it is a good opportunity for the companies to enter. 

One such startup, providing and serving chemical-free products for babies. Mamaearth is one such company that gives prominence over babies’ products online.

The startup has not been built by any IITians or struggling entrepreneurs. Instead, the company came into life from the couple who were pre-cautious about their baby.

Here there is a complete analysis of Mamaearth startup story

Mamaearth startup story


Every couple will be waiting for their first child eagerly. They always are joyful and seeking pleasure to welcome their first child.

Varun Alagh and Ghazal Alagh are one such couple waiting for their first child. They two were very pleasant and excite during the period.

The couple wanted to give the best from their side to the baby. So, the priority is buying baby care products.

 Before the baby delivery, the couple went on to search the baby product online and offline as well.

Both Varun Alagh and Ghazal Alagh were persistent to get high safe and standards products for the unborn baby. So, they went one to search online for newborn baby products meticulously.

But the couple were getting undesirable results. The duo couldn’t able to purchase single chemical-free baby products online. 

Because unavailability of the best baby care products online. The couple was in shock and helpless to nurture their upcoming infant.

Eventually, they never made any comprises in baby care products. So, they end buying products from the US. Then went on to use these products for the baby.

But after some time, the couple felt the process was cumbersome. Because the duo was facing late deliveries of the products. Besides, the products were too costly and unaffordable. 

So, the couple instead of any other alternative instead they went in search of the solution. The duo realizes the inefficient and worthlessness of the baby care products.

Eventually, the couple launches a company called Mamaearth in 2016. The company was found under the parent company Honasa Consumer Pvt.

The ultimate mission was to provide chemical-free baby care products online. So, Mamaearth startup story is inspired by personal experience of the founders. 

Mamaearth story


Mamaearth is an online D2C platform providing natural and plant-based baby care products online. The company found in Gurugaram in 2016.

Ghazal Alagh and Varun Alagh are the founders of Mamaearth. Who were keen to nourishes their babies with chemical-free baby products.

This baby care product company focuses on serving users with non-toxic and trustworthy products. You can find a wide range of products with natural care.

Mamaearth is Asia’s first company in India to get a certification of MADE SAFE for toxin-free products.

Baby shampoos, diapers, and oral care are trustworthy products. Every parent can buy and nourish their babies with the products.

Presently, it has 1.5 million users and spreading across 500 Indian cities.

Recently, it has also expanded its services. Till now it was focusing the baby care products, But now it provides non-toxic skin products for both men and women.

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Growth :mamathearth startup story


Mamaearth brought a revolutionary in the baby care products industry. Besides their seamless shopping experience made their company successful over the years.

As a parent, gives a lot of prominences and over-cautious on their babies’ products. These behaviors in users made Mamaearth a 100Cr company.

Baby care product company Mamaearth, being responsible and dedicated has given them fruitful success. From having only 6 products in their initial stage company to having more than 80 SKUs(Stock Keeping Units). 

In common, the companies striving hard to cross 100Cr revenue for decades. But Mamaearth reaches the milestone just in four years of its launch.

Both the founder’s Ghazal Alagh and Varun Alagh are drive by their personal experiences. The duo can understand its users from their perspective. Eventually, ending to make consumer-centric products.

The founder aims to make the company worth of 500Cr in the near future. Also plans to open their physical outlets. Mamaearth startup story success lies in the founders aspirations.

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D2C brands are getting prominence over the years. Because these companies can cut down middle-commissions. Eventually, providing products cheaper to its users.

D2C market size is over $100 Billion. So, investors are happy to be part of the D2C brands.

So, Mamearth with its unique USP can easily attract investors into its bag.

Recently, in July 2021 Mamaearth was able to raise $ 50 million in the funding round. This funding round was led by Belgian Investors. Eventually valuing the company worth of $730 million.

Existing investors Sequoia Capital also took part in the investment. Other investors like Stellaris Ventures Partners, Sharp Ventures, Titan Capital, and Fireside Ventures made essential investments.

The company utilizes these funds in expansion and to nourish its organic growth. Even the company plans to open their outlets soon. To reach the growing demand for baby care products.

In January 2020, Mamearth got funding worth 130 crores. The lead investor was Sequoia Capital. Investors like Fireside Ventures, Stellars Ventures Partners, and Sharp Ventures also took part in the funding round.

So, in this way, Mamaearth was able to impact the baby care products industry. The desires of the parents were made to build the company worth of 100Cr. One can easily find Infant and child care accessories in Mamaearth.

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