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Oziva startup story Nutrition Products Platform


Vitamins and nutrition are the essential quantities for our body. Humans have to consume 1/10th of the proteins proportional to their weight.

People of the modern era are aware of the importance of nutrition. The life of metropolitan cities is a constraint. Where a lot of people are not able to exercise daily. Because of the busy schedule.

Food is the prominent item to be healthy and fit. Now, natural and plant-based products are in high demand. So, people are shifting towards an organic food lifestyle.

Most people are aware of their consumption patterns. They are very strict about their diet. So, that they can maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Intake of normal food is not enough for our body. Moreover, it does not provide the required proteins to our body. If we balance our nutritional diet properly we can lead a healthy and prosperous life.

Even the Corona pandemic has made a lot of people health conscious. Now everyone realizes the importance of nutritional-based food products.

A lot of startups are thriving to provide good and certified health products. Oziva is one such startup that focuses on human wellbeing. The company’s mission is to make nutritional products accessible to consumers.

Here is a complete analysis of the Oziva startup story. How the startup empowers nutrition-based products.

Oziva startup


Oziva is a D2C nutraceutical brand. The platform gives prominence to nutritious products to the consumers. Besides Oziva products are ayurvedic and plant-based.

The company is based out of Mumbai. This platform gives importance to human fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

 They believe that human physical and mental health is dependent on their diet. So, the company striving to provide natural plant-based products.

Aarti and Mihir Gadani are the founders of Oziva company. They want to create a positive impact on the healthy lifestyle of the people. Earlier, these two founders had a similar passion and want to strive in the health space. 

The company was found in 2016. Aarti and Gadani are the two main pillars of the company. Now the company spread its footprints across the Indian cities.

 Moreover, the company has more than 350 outlets across India. Even the company’s online presence has a huge impact on its revenue sources.

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Oziva products

Initially, the consumers had to purchase big packets of products. They did not have any alternatives. 

So, it was causing inconvenience to the customers to buy bulky products. Moreover, the cost heads up to 1000.

Now, the company introduces smaller packets. So that people can buy Oziva products at affordable prices.

 Even the customers won’t hesitate to try new products as well. It seems to be a strategic move from the company’s perspective.

The consumers can initially try the new products with smaller packets. If they get good results then they can buy bulky products satisfactorily.

Oziva company generates worth of about 150 to 200 crores. The company also expanding into new cities and thriving on brand awareness.

Famous Bollywood actor Deepika Padukone is promoting the products in the advertisement. According to the reports, Deepika has personally like the Oziva products.

Tollywood top actress Samantha Akkineni is the face of the brand. She is the brand ambassador of Oziva, representing South India.

Oziva start story is making organic products with the best quality. Here is how the startup has evolved.

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oziva startup story


Every startup is driven by passion, experience, and a motive to serve society. Now more than governments, startups are assisting and focuses on human wellbeing.

Oziva Company is also started by two passionate entrepreneurs. Aarti was born in Chandigarh. She had vast knowledge of health space products. As her mother was also working in the healthcare sector.

Aarti has bough up as a typical Indian girl. She was good at mathematics at a young age. So, eventually, end up in IIT for studies. After she completed his graduation, she worked in a Bengaluru startup company.

She had a strong desire to start her startup. But she did not idea how business works. So, she quit the job and then went on pursuing an MBA. 

Then she got vast knowledge of the business operation and product management. Furthermore, she was desperately want to start her venture. But waiting for the right time and person to take off.

Eventually, Aarti ends up meeting Mihir Gadani. He had come from a biotech background and was passionate about the health space. Oziva startup story is an example of making entrepreneurs think consumer-centric.

Foundation of oziva startup story

However, their interest and passions aligned. Similar passion leads them to start their venture. Initially, the duo build platform for marathon training and diet consulting.

This platform was like any other fitness startup. As they were providing training for physical exercises. 

Then assisting customers to get the right kind of fitness supplements. Besides, they were promoting other brands too.

But the business model was not a market fit. Even their business was not growing decently. Furthermore, promoting other brands did not give much income and involving risky elements. 

Eventually, the duo Aarti and Mihir Gadani insisting to pivot the business. Then they made up their mind to manufacture their products.

So, the startup Oziva in 2016 become the platform for natural and plant-based products e-commerce sites. From being an e-commerce site, now they have opened 350+ outlets across Indian cities.

This is how the development in the Oziva startup story right from its initial stage.

Oziva Fundings


Oziva has got a lot of users into their bags. Now the users are also persistent to purchase Oziva products online. D2C’s nutritious product is surging into the next level. 

Pandemic also geared up the sales of organic products. So, the investors are actively investing in those companies. They too realize the potential of the market.

In the latest round of fundings, Oziva got funding of $12 million in Series B. The major investor was Eight Roads Ventures. This funding round took place in March 2021. 

Other investors like F-prime Capital and existing investors like Matrix partner India took part in the investments.

This funding is utilized to improve the Research and development team. The real success lies when the R&D team makes innovative products.

Even they will also invest in newer products. They are focussing on women’s skin, hair and health products. Besides, they actively considering men’s wellness products for sale.

In June 2020, Oziva bagged $5 million of fundings in their Series A. The lead investor was Matrix Partner India. Even Titan Capital also took part in the fundings.

Leading a healthy lifestyle is a concern and demand for the youths. Due to busy schedules and unhealthy eating habits have deteriorated the diet pattern. 

Especially, the age group of 18 to 55 should rely on healthy eating habits and products. Because they are more vulnerable to health issues. 

Using Oziva products can improve your health and immunity system. This platform provides products that enhance and protect health from diseases and viruses.Oziva startup story is inspirational for entrepreneurs.

Visit the Oziva website and buy Oziva products.

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