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Mirabai Chanu Weight lifter: Tokoyo Olympics 2020


Tokyo Olympics 2020 is getting more intense in 2021 July. Due to the pandemic, Tokyo Olympics preponed to FY21. 

In this Tokyo Olympics, every Indian is very proud because of Mirabai Chanu. On the beginning day of the Tokyo Olympics, Mirabai Chanu gave a valuable gift to India.

Mirabai Chanu won the Silver Medal in weight lifting. She becomes the first Indian woman to win on the first of the Tokyo Olympics. On a note, Vijay Sharma was her coach.

Mirabai was a sensation on social media after she won a silver medal. She took part in weight lifting of the category of 49kg. In total, she successfully lifts weight up to 202kg. In brief, Mirabai lifts 87kg in snatch and 115 in clean and jerk.


Now, the whole of India is proud of Olympic medalist Mirabai Chanu. 23rd July 2021 is marked as a historic day for India as Mirabai won the medal in Tokoyo Olympics. 

After creating historical moments, she got tons of wishes from India. Even prime minister Narendra Modi took to Twitter to congratulate her. Moreover, according to the report, Narendra Modi personally made a phone call to wish.


Saikom Mirabai Chanu is a brave and daring woman. In her career, she underwent failure, disappointments, and serious injuries. But he outstood and finally accomplish the milestone.

Mirabai Chanu is the second India to win the medal Olympics. In the 2000, Sydney Olympics, Karnam Malleshwari won the bronze medal in the weight lifting of 69kg category.

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Mirabai Chanu Earring

After the mesmerizing victory, all spectator’s gaze turns towards the earring of the silver medalist, Mirabai. Besides, the earring resembles the Olympic’s iconic symbol.

 Eventually, Mirabai unveiled the secret of the earring. The earring was a gift from her mother Saikom Ongbi Leima. Her mother gifted the earring after she underwent failures in her life. 

Then her mother took her jewelry and reshaped it into an earring.

Further, Leima gave the earring to Mirabai as a piece of good luck.

Even Mirabai accepts the fact, that she could win the medal in the Olympics due to the good luck of the earring. Her mother gave the earring in 2016.

Mirabai Chanu biography


Mirabai Chanu full name was Saikom Mirabai Chanu. She was born on August 8, 1994, at Manipur, Nongpok kakching. As she belongs to a poor family and went on to struggle further.

Mirabai family consist of his father Saikom Kriti Leima , mother Saikom Ongbi Leima and her brother. Her family came to know the unrealistic strength of Mirabai at the age of 12. 

She uses to lift a heavy bundle of logs to the home for cooking purposes. Even her brother was stunned by the incredible strength.

Always Mira had a great love for football. But she did not like getting muddy while playing the sport. Then her interest shifts to archery and desperately wants to be part of the sport. Eventually, she couldn’t join due to a lack of trainers.

Weight lifting journey

As Mirabai Chanu could pursue archery due absence of trainers. Then she got inspired by Kunjarani Devi, a weight lifter from her town. She got a lot of motivation watching her performance on the TV show.

After that, Mirabai wants to achieve in the weight lifting game. Even she desires to reach the sky in the context of success in the future.

Then she was introduced to weight lifting by Anit Chany, the coach. 

She uses to travel 22KM from her village to the coaching center. Furthermore, she wants to catch 2 buses daily. Every morning at 6 AM, Mirabai will be waiting for the bus to her coaching center. 

The journey was not so easy but her hard work and dedication made her a real legend. 

Mirabai Chanu achievement

In terms of achievements, Mirabai was one among the top list. The following are her achievements

Firstly, She came to the limelight after winning the silver medal Commonwealth Games in 2014.

Secondly, she made the record in weight lifting at Commonwealth Games in 2018. She went on to lift 86kg in snatch and 110kg in clean and jerk. In total, Mirabai was able to lift 196kg of weight. As a result, she won the gold medal in the competition.

Thirdly, in the following year, she won a bronze medal in the Asian Weightlifting championship. They won the medal in the 49kg category. In total, she was able to lift 199kg weight breaking her record.

Fourthly, she received the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award in 2018. In the same year, Mirabai got the Padmashri award as well.


In every successful person’s life, there will be ups and downs. Every overnight success is a lot of years of hard work and sleepless nights.

Even, Mirabai Chanu was one among them. Everyone is noticing her victory today and praising her. But, the same girl had to experience the worst phase of her life.

In 2016, Rio Olympics Mirabai was the worst performer in the tournament. She couldn’t able complete at least one successful clear and jerk move. 

Despite her hard work she had to face a lot of hate and discourage statements. Even her dream was about to perish and her career was on the verge of extinction.

But her parents, friends, and coach made her feel better. Every time she uses to get motivation from all sides. As a result, she again went to practice intensely.

After her disastrous failure, her bad luck continues to be at the top. Because she was injured in 2018. Mirabai was suffering from a severe lower back injury.

At last, all the miseries and failures turn her strong and brave woman. Now she had won 2nd place in Tokyo Olympics. Mirabai made her Country proud and became the first woman of India to win the medal on the first of the Olympics.

Free Domino’s Pizza

Mirabai expressed her love for pizza at an interview. She made the sacrifice and was on a strict diet to perform well in the game.

As soon as she became the medalist in Tokyo Olympics, she expresses her love for pizza.

Soon after noticing her lover towards pizza, the world’s top pizza chain company Domino’s made to give as many pizzas for a lifetime.

Due to the extraordinary performance in Tokyo Olympics, the Manipur government set to gift her with 1 crore as a reward. Besides, she will be entitled to become SP (Superintendents of Police) of the state.

So, now Mirabai Chanu became an inspiration to the whole world. Coming from the small village from Manipur to becoming the winner in the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

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