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3 Reasons Not to Watch Big Boss Reality Show


Now Big Boss has great fandom in India. It’s one of the most highly streamed reality shows across India.

As everyone loves the Big Boss every episode. Because they have designed it in such a way as to attract more people to stream the show.

Just think Big Boss hardly shows 50 to 70 minutes of content on TV screens. In reality, they have edited over 22 hours of the content so, that they can give more spicy and crazy moments.

As this reality show leaves a great and deep impression on youths. Here are some of the great problems that Big Boss causes for youths

Attitude Problem

As everyone knows Big Boss Contestants are eventually famous on big screens or small screens like in OTT and social media. So, their followers will definitely watch the show. 

Therefore Big Boss does not have to face any kind of struggle to bring an audience. However, these celebrities have millions of followers on social media handles.

Everyone is different in this world based on their character, belief system, behavior, and so on. Even in The Big Boss contestants are also unique and talented in their respective fields.

However, most of the contestants in The Big Boss will look cool, crazy, don’t care type, and egoistic kind off. Not everyone holds this kind of character but the majority does.

Behavioural problems in youths

This show will be telecasted for over 3 months every single day on TV screens. So, any Indian household will watch Big Boss to get entertained and to know about their favorite celebrities on a personal level.

In most of the scenarios, the Big Boss contestants will show their attitudes to get more attention. Even if there is a norm where any individual creates more controversies then he or she will be there in the show till the end of the show.

Here we as a viewer have to understand that reality shows main motive is to stick as many eyeballs as they can. So, they create that kind of scenario or they will telecast those crazy or heat-up moments so that viewers can chill out from the content.

However, this reality show will be telecast for a long period of time. So, small chunks of youths might get influenced by their behavior. Then those influenced youths will get attitude problems from following their idols.

Now every youth’s motive is to look cool. So, in the show, those who make show attitudes and make controversy will be perceived as cool guys.

So, many youths will follow shady behaviors from the contestants to look damn cool and show swag in front of their friends.

As a result, most of the youth are getting influenced by the characters in the Bigl Boss reality show and eventually lose their original character aside.

In the end, this will leave a negative impact on his or her future.

No Values 

As this show does not teach the audience any kind of values. In this reality show, certain contestants will be there in the house for a certain period of time based on their performance.

In this show, there will be a house, and all the essentials for the contestants. Now the Big Boss contestants need to complete the tasks and win the game so, that they can survive till the end.

However, in this show, everyone will be cool dudes and make fun of each other. Even it is not a bad thing as well. But in the entire season, the majority of the contestant will do all useless things.

But finally, all their action will directly impact audience mindsets. In this era, everyone needs to have a goal, be focused, conscious enough to lead a good life.

This show portrays that life is easy, relaxed, and masti karo.

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Relationships problems

This especially shows relationships too lightly. However, these contestants will be there for only 3 months in the house. 

During this period, there will be relationships made with some contestants. So, as a viewer, we can get some spicy and comic content out of those.

But most of the time in the reality show, we have seen that there is no value in the relationship.

Therefore, the majority of viewers of the show will be youths. So, this will have a deep impact on them as well. Some might things this is the definition of a relationship.

We can make relationships when we like them and break as soon as it does not work out well.

So, these are the top 3 reasons not to watch Big Boss.

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