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Masai School Startup story


Getting the dream job is the ultimate goal of the youths. They study hard and learn programming languages intensely.

But after they graduate and realize their skills are not relevant to the present scenario.

Our colleges only teach the same old topic for decades. Moreover, our syllabus is older than Poorathana Grantha.

Then also our education system follows the same old and worthless rules. As a result, there is a study and exponential increase in the rate of unemployment. 

The situation of Indian youths is very pathetic. Even studying four years of engineering but they are not getting jobs. Besides internships have also become a scam at present. 

Getting an internship is becoming a hectic thing and there are also paid internships where some companies loot us. After completing graduation, students work as an intern for almost a year to make their position intact.

Our education will never get updated unless the political system stresses the education sector. Our government approval for engineering colleges is more than it requires. There are almost 3500 engineering colleges present in India.

Every year above 1.5 million engineers graduate and then 80% are in a state of unemployment. It is because of our education system and government.

Eventually, the student has to face all the miseries and failures. who is going to help them? Then who is going to help them?

To tackle this serious problem, Masai School has got into existence. This platform teaches coding languages to the students free of cost. Finally, they also assure you to get 5 lakhs of minimum package. 

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Masai School startup


Masai School is a new and unique ed-tech startup in India. This platform assists students to learn coding with an industry expert.

Learners can enroll for free. Even they also train the students free of cost. 

Finally, the students get placements minimum of 5 lakhs. But then the student has to pay the fees in an installment manner. Masai School working on Income Share Agreement.

Prateek Shukla, Nrupul Dev, and Yogesh Baht are the founders of Masai School. They desire to improve the Indian education system. Even preparing students to acquire industry-relevant skills. Eventually, students can get a job in good company. Masai School startup story is helping lot of youths.

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Masai School startup Story


Prateek Shukla was an IItian in Khanpur. When he was an intern in Tech for India in this third year of Engineering and got an immense passion for education. Always wanted to build his venture.

Further, he went on launch Grabhouse, an online house rental platform. Then the company was performing in a positive trajectory. Due to its growth and the impact it made, Quicker acquired the company.

Then Prateek Shukla went on to doing the formal job at SPR High living. His passion for education and desire to impact effectively on his idea kept on ticking in his mind.

So, he quits his job and went to Tanzania for a trip. Tanzania is an underdeveloped country. Even Prateek Shukla also witness the quality of education over there. 

Then he realized the value of knowledge. He got inspiration on looking poor quality of education in Tanzania. Thus causing the ultimate cause of unemployment and the inferior status of youths.

Eventually, Prateek Shukla also understood the problems of Indian youths. Then thinking about the solution to solve the struggle for jog hunts and put an end to irrelevant skills.

Prateek Shulka with the help of Nrupul Dev and Yogesh Bhat launch a modern-day coding school, Masai School. Masai School Startup Story is build by aspiring enterpreneurs.

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Masia School Bussiness model


The startup’s success primarily lies in its business model. This model should be beneficial for both the users and the company.

Masai School is having a futuristic approach to its business model. Initially, the student can get admission on the platform full-time or part-time. Besides, it has restrictions and rules for the students to be part of the students.

Students from a non-computer background and who have passed class 12 can join the coding school. This platform is the best opportunity for the working professional who wants to change their working field.

The main business model is solely lying on the Income Agreement Model. Where a candidate of Masai school after getting a job, has to pay the fee in monthly installments.  

In total on has to pay 3 lakh for the coding school as a fee. To facilitate the students, they can pay 15% of their salary every month for 3 years.

Students get training from industry experts. The program will be

for 30 or 52 weeks based on full-time or part-time courses. 

Masai candidates get intense training from 9 AM to 9 Pm. Candidates hands-on experience on real-time projects as well.

This kind of business modal provides users hope and confidence in them. At present many institutions are loot students’ money without providing relevant skills. At last, they provide with a worthless certificate.

Comparatively, Masai School is doing a good and making impact on students’ lives.

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Acquisitions of Design Shift Academy: Masai School startup story

Masai School had recently acquired Design Shift Academy in 2021. Design Shift Academy is based out of Bengaluru. Preeti Sheokana and Sudhir Mor are the passionate couples who founded the company.

Design Shift Academy was started in 2018 to teach Designing for free. After posting the idea on social media they got tons of responses. 

Then the couple went on to teach a designing skill for the students. Even students also were insisting on paying their fees.

Eventually, the couple understood the importance and demand of their work. Then they made an approach to their corporate friends to help in building the company.

Starting from the 8 students now the teaching for thousands of students. The couple being UX designers themselves understood the pain points of the aspiring student. 

Their interaction with students and their high-quality staff are the factors for the success of the company.

Finally, they came to notice of Masai School. Both the company’s missions are similar. Their driving passion for the latest technologies made them collaborate with each other.

This acquisition made Masai School stronger and also can provide students with extensive designing skills. Till now the platform was focussing on codings but now designing also becomes their priority.

Glide Program

Masai School platform became famous and students from all states are willing to join the platform. Then the company saw the demand for its platform.

Even the company noticed that students are facing problems in accommodation. It was a tedious task for the aspiring candidates to get perfect rooms at affordable prices.

So, Masai School introduced a program called “Glide”. Where the top performer in the exams gets a chance to accommodation from the company itself. The candidate has to pay 15K per month. This amount will be an add-on to the Income share agreement.

Moreover, the candidate gets all the facilities that the coder requires. One can easily have access to high-speed internet seamlessly, a comfortable table setup, and a laptop.

Fundings: Masai school startup story

As coding has become an essential skill in the 21st century. Every company gets priority in the fundings round.

Especially, Masai Scholl got fundings of $ 5 million in the Series A round. Omidyar Network India was the leading investor in the funding round. 

Even existing investors like Unitus Investors, India Quotient Angelist also took part in the investments.

In 2020, the platform made $2.5 million in pre-series A. The investment deploys into the latest technology and development of the platform.

Masai school is creating a highly positive impact on student’s lives. From his venture students can have hope and determination to get a place in a good company.

Masai school startup story brings the glory of success to the founders. Even it teaching coding class to the youths.

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