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Jeeni Company Made Healthy Millet mix powder


This is the new age of the modern revolution. Internet and technology are getting advanced day by day. But in some aspects of life, especially in food, we are going to reverse the cycle.

As our routing changes in this modern-day scenario and most of the time we spent in sitting posture will harm our health. Even our busy schedule did not let us focus on our health.

Then the quality of food we are consuming is also lack of protein and vitamins. At present all our food is the integration of pesticides, insecticides, and fertilizers.

So, there is serious care and concern should be taken about the food we consume. Even we have consumed the food with sufficient vitamin and protein in it.

Now, there are different companies are there which focus on organic products.

Here in this blog, one can learn about the company which started as a small entity now making crores of business. All about the Jeeni company and its millet mix powder.

Jeeni Company

Jeeni company is making organic healthy millet mix powder. The specialty of the products is that the whole process is done with the hands and all the ingredients are cooked in mud pots.

The Millet health mix powder has 24 varieties of grains and making the whole product healthy.  

Deelip Kumar is the founder of the company. He had the vision to provide health products to society to regain the health of the people organically.

The Jeeni Company started in 2016 at Tumkur, Yaragunte Grama. As the company started in a small village and with few employees.

But now the company is making turnover around 2cr in a month and even employees also now count at 110. Even the company is trading the grains directly from the Karnataka farmers and also giving good value to farmers.

Jeeni Company History


Jeeni company founder Deelip Kumar comes from a humble background. He did his education at Tumkur itself.

As he comes from a farming background he had to face some hard times in his life. He could not get profit in his farmings.

So, Deelip Kumar was disappointed and went to his mother-in-law’s house. There he got a life-changing moment in his life.

Then his mother-in-law Ammajamma gave him ayurvedic fluid to drink. After drinking it, Deelip Kumar got the essence positive vibes and felt he got some extra energy.

So, he was surprised at first and then asked his mother-in-law about the ayurvedic fluid. Then she explained about the fluid that it was made with 24 grains and cooked in a mud pot.

Basically, this idea was taught by her sisters. At this moment Deelip Kumar got an idea to launch a product in the market.

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Jeeni Company powder

Finally, he decided to sell the millet powder to society. Where people can easily mix the millet powder into the water and boil for some minutes before drinking it. 

Initially, Deelip Kumar was selling the products without any kind of branding. Then he use to go to parks to promote his products. Also insists to customers to pay later, after satisfying with the products.

Deelip Kumar was trying lots of ways for products marketing. Even he used to include pamphlets in the newspapers. Then he use to reach the products to customers through courier services without asking any money. But always told customers to pay only when they have satisfaction with the product.

Even he used to give this product to the doctor as well. Then doctors as well gave him positive feedback. Even doctors also advised him to start the products with the brand name. 

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Jeeni Brand

So, Deelip Kumar thought about the branding and licensing of the products. As he was not aware of all the processes, with the help of the doctors he started his business of Jeeni Company in 2016. where he started to sell Jeeni Healthy Millet mix powder.

Here, he took all the employees from his village and made the whole process handmade. Initially, the grains are made clean at the mills and then once again cleaned by the employees. The grains are powdered and heated in the mud pot.

Even the grains also trade directly from the farmers. So, here both the farmers and the company are beneficial. Here, Jeeni Company purchases the grains according to the quality of the grains.

Now the company is selling the products worth of 2 Crore per month. Even the Jeeeni company is selling 2500kg of products in a day.

Even the people also started to like the products. The demand for Jeeni Healthy Millet mix powder is increasing exponentially.

In this way, Jeeni powder is making a great difference in the life of the people. Jeeni Millet powder is beneficial for health to get sufficient protein and vitamins.

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