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Blinkit business model 2022


Now, in India, there is a rapid race going on with online grocery delivery. As Covid 19 pandemic made everyone stick within our homes. Additionally, there was anxiety about the spread of the deadly virus Corona.

As a result, there was a huge demand for online deliveries. However, eCommerce was performing top-notch in India for the past few years and the coronavirus just made to reach a greater level.

 Another golden opportunity was set for the online grocery delivery space. Before the commencement of coronavirus, grocery delivery was not used consistently. But lockdowns made people shift their behavior towards online delivery services.

Then many startups took the chance to become the first mover. Even the demand was so high that many online grocery companies were not able to fulfill the orders.

Online food delivery platforms were also made their online grocery delivery available. Especially, Swiggy was able to get some good revenue out of it. Because they were having Super Daily company under them.

So, it was easy for them to scale it and give a different direction. Even Swiggy started their grocery delivery services with their platform “Swiggy Instamart”.

In this blog, one can know about the Blinkit business model 2022.

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 Blinkit business model 2022

As of now, 2022 there is another trend going on. The trend is about 10 minutes grocery delivery services. Here, the consumer can get their groceries within 10 minutes in front of their doorstep.

Blinkit(Grofers) made a different approach to fulfill the need 10 minutes deliveries. Traditionally, online grocery platforms were storing items in bulk in the warehouse. Whenever the orders came then they use to pack them and finally send them to the consumers.

Here the distance between the warehouse and the customer’s residence was too far. So, to fulfill the orders requires almost a day. So, this was the Blinkit business model in the past.

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But now the Blinkit business model changes to a dark house strategy. Instead of having one big warehouse far outside the city, Blinkit set up tiny stores (dark stores) here and there throughout the city. 

Whenever the customer orders, the details of the order will be sent to the nearest dark store. Then the respective dark store completes the order and eventually, the delivery boy will help the orders to reach the doorstep of the customers.

So, this was the ultimate Blinkit business model 2022. Almost, every online grocery delivery business operates similarly under 10 minutes provision.

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Blinkit Surge price business model

Till now, the Blinkt business model was not charging heavily for delivery fees. Now, it is pivoting to the surge price model. Basically, the surge price model is implemented by the online food delivery startups Swiggy and Zomato.

The food price varies depending upon the demand. Even food price increases if the customers order during late nights and extreme climatic conditions.

Likewise, now Blinkit is also planning to charges groceries with a surge pricing model. Now, the grocery prices will be fluctuating depending on the demand and supply.

The CEO of Blinkit, Albinder Dhindsa, is integrating the new business model to generate profits and positive cash flow. Even, to hold the trust and hope of the investors.

In, India online grocery delivery is over $4.3 billion. Now, companies like Big Basket, Dunzo, and, Jio mart are giving tough competition. Now, making money in online grocery delivery is was too tougher.

So, if the company starts to add the delivery fees then it is possible to generate the revenue. Therefore, Blinkit is trying a new way to make a profit and to back some investors.

Online grocery delivery services have huge demand in India. Now, the consumers became comfortable with online deliveries. So, there is a huge transformation in the user’s behavior. Even it is evident that the consumers are wont to get back to their traditional style.

As a result, there is a big opportunity in India to capture this place, Now, 10 minutes delivery is also getting a lot of hype. Even the startup Zepto is creating fierce competition in the grocery delivery space.

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Blinkit Revenue 2021

Former Grofers, now Blinkit have made a huge impact in the online grocery space. Where it now focuses on a 10-minute grocery delivery service.

Now 2021, Blinkit startups have made revenue of over 2725 cr. So there is a good jump in the revenue comparatively in 2021 of 2165 Cr.

Blinkit startup has covered all the FMCG products in its platform. So, Blinkit charges a certain commission from the products for its promotion. Therefore this amount bags over 77 crores.

On the other hand, Blinkit allows sellers to sell their products on its marketplace platform. So, there will be certain fees charged by the sellers like transaction and commission fees. In this way, Blinkit startup has made 117 cr revenue.

Blinkit new Printing business

Blinkit business will be always trending. The quick commerce space is becoming very cooperative. Blinkit, Bigbasket, Dunzo, and Zepto are the competitors in quick commerce.

Now Blinkit went on to open a new business vertical. It is decided to work in the printing business. Now printouts and printing businesses are not lucrative business models. But still, it is not too weak sector also. A lot of people need emergency printouts.

Now in the market, there is no startup catering to the printing market. Albinder Dindsa CEO told that the printout service starts from 9 to 19 rupees. Even the delivery fees would be charged 25.

In 2022, Blinkit’s revenue was 263 crores. In the previous year, Blinkit 2021 revenue touched up to 200 crores. Year on Year Blinkit’s revenue is growing significantly. Now the main motto is to reduce the losses and opens more revenue streams.

Blinkit Business model 2022, the surge pricing model will surely good move for the company. Even Blinkit’s investors like Zomato might have an influence on the business model.

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