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Rats consumed 580KG of Weed by UP police


It is quite a strange story of rats and police. As you know India is the house of animals, birds, and mammals.

India’s vivid climates and seasons give a house to thousands of animals to sustain. In common, rats are also there in every nook and corner of the house.

But now rats came under the spotlight by the statement of Uttar Pradesh Police. Recently, the policy claimed to the court that rats have consumed 580 KG of weed stored in the storehouse.

As you know, cases to win need evidence. Even if the case is too serious or too trivial. So, now the court had ordered Uttar Pradesh Police to give the evidence for the lost 580kg of weed.

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Behind the story of Rats consuming 580kg of weed

One might be startle by the claim of the Uttar Pradesh police.

The backstory of 580KG starts in the Mathura, district of Uttar Pradesh. In 2020, the police got the news of the smuggling of weeds near the Mathura District. So, Uttar Pradesh police went ahead to catch the criminals.

Finally, Uttar Pradesh police caught the criminals who were smuggling 380kg of weeds in the millet trucks. Then the 3 criminals underwent severe imprisonment under NDPS.

But, where are the 380kg of weed? Here comes the main story of Rats consumed 580 KG of weed by UP police.

Whenever the smuggling weeds and other illegal items were caught, they will be shifted to the particular warehouses. So, that police will have an evident count of the illegal item.

As per the norms, Uttar Pradesh police have to store 380kg of weed in the nearby warehouse. Previously, there was another 200kg of weeds were kept in the warehouse.

So, in total there was 580kg of weeds in the warehouse. But now the trending news is that “rats consumed 580 kg of weed”. This is the statement given by the Uttar Pradesh Police to the district court.

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Rats and Police claims in India

Now the court has made a verdict to give evidence for the claim. So now it is the most confusing situation for the police. As it is not possible to catch every rat. Even it is impossible to do narcotic tests on rats.

At present, rats have become the highlight news or trending news everywhere. Rats and Uttar Pradesh police cases became sensational news across the country.

But in reality, these claims are the tools used by police to cover their illegal activity. Many police officers will make lots of money in illegal ways. However, police will have entire power over the weeds or other illegal items.

So, some wicked policemen will make use of the situation. Ultimately, it is the game of police and the criminal starts right from here.

Some cops will make money by selling weeds from warehouses to criminals. Here the criminals in turn will give the lumpsum amount to the cops.

In this way, the police will illegally make the money. Then after some time, there will be regular checks of the illegal items. Here, to get off from the criminal activity, the policy will play the games of rats.

Now it is the news of ” Rats consumed 580kg of weed”. But there are other several cases where cops made the rats the criminals.

Rats Game

IN 2020, UP police have claimed that rats drank 1000 liters of seized liquor in the warehouse. But a few days later, the same seized bottles were sold in the surrounding liquor shops.

So, it is a game of cops who will try to make money through illegal means.

As per the latest news, UP police are claiming that “rats consumed 580kg of weed”. So, some people will take it as funny or trivial news. But there is a lot of seriousness and how our cops are creating loopholes in our system.

Not every Police will cheat the government and court. But due to the fault of some cops, the rest of the cops are seen in the negative shadow.

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