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Jack Ma Success Principles of Alibaba Founder


Great leaders have a long struggle in life. So, these struggles made them strong, resilient, and perseverant. Especially, if you want to build a revolutionary business then you have to face rejection, setbacks, and failures.

But consistent hard work will reach you at some height. One should not give up easily in life then he cants bounce back again. Here, one has to make a smart move instead of quitting one should pivot to the next moves in life.

Every millionaires is not an overnight achievers. There will be extreme hard work, risks, sacrifices, failures, and a positive attitude. This side of life is not visible to many people.

Many people will assume that success is nothing but showing off, having costly assets, bungalow, bodyguards, and spending extravagantly. But this is completely a misconception.

Then success does not have an age limit. There are no rules that only young people will succeed in life. So, one has to believe in himself to build the next billion-dollar business.

In this blog, you can learn about Jack Ma one of the best business leaders, and build Alibaba’s largest e-commerce portal in China. Here one can learn

  • Jack Ma inspirational speech
  • Jack Ma Success Principels
  • Alibaba and Jack Ma story
  • Jack Ma leadership style

Jack Ma success principle

Being a wealthy person is not great. But sharing his/her wisdom with other people is the true sign of being wealthy. Even Jack Ma also always tries to share his experience and tips to become wealthy in life.

Here are some of the Jack Ma success Principles

Nothing is easy and free

Everything in this world will not be easily accessible. Even for the smallest thing, one has to pay the price. In today’s world, nothing is free and easy.

Even Jack Ma advises people that one has to struggle a lot to reach the greatest heights of life. So, here he is emphasizing the fact to work hard and be consistent.

Jack Ma did not become a millionaire overnight. There were years of struggles to build Alibaba. Now the company valuing over $500 Billion is one of the largest e-commerce businesses in the world.

He could not speak English fluently because of his poor connection with the English speakers. As he is from china, he did not get any exposure to English. But his desire to speak English never ends.

So, Jack Ma travels long-distance by cycle to the tourism spots. Then try to speak with visitors in English. He use to go to the tourism spot consistently, his English speaking skills improved gradually. Here Jack Ma covers over 30 kilometers with his cycle to reach the spot.

His hard work and desires made him speak English fluently, Later in his life too, his English got him a job in the University as an English lecturer.

So, here Hard work will never let you down in life. Ultimately, Hard work sometimes won’t give instant results but never let you give up.

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Jack Ma quotes

Jack Ma is a people-friendly leader. He use to give some tips and advice to the people at the various conferences. One of his famous quotes

Jack Ma insipirational quotes

This Jack Ma quote portrays struggles in life. Every person in the universe has to go through struggles and setbacks in life. In these times one has to have the zeal to fight back and show his resilient attitude.

The struggle will be there but it is not permanent. So, struggles are life test papers one cannot escape but if you face it then the award will be given to you.

Even Jack Ma life has also gone through a similar phase in life. When he went to get investment with Alibaba Business model, many investors did not make any investment. Even they mocked him and consider him crazy.

So, his struggles continue when investors turn their backs. Alibaba’s business did not generate any kind of revenue. The business started with 18 people with a $50,000 investment.

So, Jack Ma quote applies here that he went face struggles in the life. But he had the assurance that he will succeed in life one day.

Living and fighting with the struggles is one of the Jack Ma success principles.

Jack Ma success principles: Accept the rejection

Now many young people are anxious about rejections. Most graduates are nervous about their job interviews because of fear of rejection.

Here, Jack Ma advises people that accept rejection with a positive attitude. Every rejection is a stepping stone of life. Never destroy your dream due to the rejection instead work over and over.

Jack Ma success did not come with one go instead it was a heap of rejection that him a millionaire.

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Jack Ma failures

Every young individual dream about a job with a handsome salary. So, that he can enjoy the rest of his life. But Jack Ma’s failures start right from his career.

As he got a job at Hangzhou University as an English teacher. Here he could not get enough salary to run a crazy lifestyle. Jack Ma’s salary as an English teacher at Hangzhou university was just $10.

Jack Ma’s failures never had an end. Because he was busy in search of jobs. So, he once applied for KFC for a job. On the interview day out of 24 candidates, 23 got the job except for Jack Ma. This is one of the terrible moments in his life.

Then Jack Ma’s failures continued in the selection of police interviews as well. Even tried to become a cop but he was rejected there too.

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Students are always afraid of failures. If the student fails for the first time then he or she will break down their goals. But Jack Ma advises to accept the rejection positively. Even Jack Ma failed in Harvard University entrance examination 10 times.

So, Jack Ma failures made him resilient and bold enough to stand in front of failures.

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Rules of Life: Jack Ma inspirational quote

Jack Ma success principles

One has to be a good student till the age of 20. So, here one has to be a good listener and should have curiosity. Here Jack Ma emphasizes being curious and innovative.

Even Jack Ma’s curiosity about computer technology made him build a world-class business. When Jack Ma went to the US to meet his friend, there he got to introduce computer and internet technology. So, he was fascinated with the power of the internet.

Then at the of 20 to 30 one have to find a good boss irrespective of the company. Because having a good boss is equivalent to a supreme mentor. Then he or she can learn from the boss about business strategies. Later, one can build a business with experience and learnings in the past.

At the age of 40 to 50, Jack Ma advises to people do the things they are good at. Here one has to stress on their talents. Then one can easily turn their talent into the business.

Jack Ma feels that at the age between 50 to 60, one has to share their life learning with the young people. Because young people are the future of the country. If young people seek knowledge from successful people, then they can achieve way better in life.

One has to spend their remaining lives with their parents or great grandparents.

These are some of the Jack Ma success principles of Alibaba founder.

Even Jack Ma considers that every mistake is like revenue in life. Because people will get to know about a lot of things after failing. Then people will understand their mistakes and won’t commit wrong moves again.

Jack Ma is a good leader and his leadership focuses on

  1. Employees well being
  2. Jack ma primarily focuses on employees safety, health, and freedom
  3. Then Jack Ma believes that employees should be smarter than him. So, the business will grow with the smartest people around.

In this way, Jack Ma became a successful leader or entrepreneur in the world. His learnings will be a great inspiration to all the people.

So, this blog helps readers to learn about

  1. Jack Ma success principles
  2. Jack Ma quotes and speeches
  3. Alibaba founder biography
  4. Jack Ma failures

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