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This guy invented the Copy&Paste keyboard Button in Shark Tank US


Many innovative startups will come and go in Shark Tank US. Here is the one of most unique products that Shark Tank US judges have ever seen. Yes, a guy had invented a Copy&paste button for the traditional keyboard. Scotty Trujille Copy keyboard founder

How many of you are tired of pressing ctrl + c and ctrl + v in your day-to-day job? Many of the employees are tired of copying and pasting in their Excels or spreadsheets. Sometimes it frustrates individuals in their jobs. 

But no one thought about the solution to this problem. However, Scotty Trjille came out with the unique innovation of the Copy&paste button extension for the keyboard. 

Yes, from now on anyone can buy this Copy&paste button extension for the keyboard. Then plugged into their keyboard and now anyone can copy and paste stuff, just pressing the Copy&paste button instead of ctr l+ c and ctrl + v.

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Copy keyboard Founder

Scotty Trjullie was an engineering dropout guy and his passion for computers is never-ending. However, being a dropout, he got a job in an electronics product-oriented e-commerce company as a manager.

He made the company from zero revenue to $150k per month in sales. 

In his day-to-day job, he has to ctrl + c and ctrl + v more than 50 times a day. This act was just frustrating Scotty Trujllie every time. Due to the Pandemic, he lost his job and presently he is working in a car garage.

So, he always tries to innovative and create a unique solution. He started a Copy keyboard company in 2022 december. However, it was in the traditional style. He worked on the product and finally came up with the Copy&pasted button for keyboard extensions.

Then he posted this product on Instagram on December 1st, 2022. On the next day, he got the order worth $20k. He was just blown away by the massive response.

At that time, Copy keyboard founder Scotty Trujille did not supply, employees for packaging and shipping the product. However, he did it all by himself.

Now Copy Board founder Scotty Trujille is on Shark Tank US for $40k for 25% of his company.

Every judge in the Shark Tank US was impressed with his presentation and humor. But Shark Tank judges were not too happy with the innovation. So, no one did not invest in his company.

However, we have to appreciate Copy Board founder Scotty Trjuille’s invention. It is not a great one but it was the best one.

There are a lot of problems in our day-to-day life. As entrepreneurs, there are a lot of opportunities to start. But one has to problem solving and entrepreneurial mindset. Copy keyboard founders just won the hearts of shark Tank US judges

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