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Unluckiest Entrepreneur in Shark Tank US


In this blog, we are going to tell the story of the unluckiest entrepreneurs in Shark Tank US. How the entrepreneur missed the great opportunity to get the deal from Robert.

In the Shark Tank US, Ghia Product founder Melanie Masarin was seeking $250k for 5% of the company at a valuation of $5 million.

So, Ghia Product is a non-alcoholic brand and it presents a variety of liquids with the combination of grapes and citrus.

Melanie Masarin founder of Ghia Product started the business in 2022. As she was competing with the tough FMCG product. Yes, it is way harder than any other product, where it has to ship, store, to get shelf space is more expensive.

However, founder Melanie Masarin cracked the market and made sales of $2.5 million in the first financial year of the business. So, all the sharks in Shark Tank US were surprised and appreciated the Ghia product founder.

But all the appreciation went in vain, Melanie disclosed their losses of $1 million. Even the Ghia Product startup has also raised $3.5 million and recently $6 million at a valuation of 35 million premoney. All these Ghia funding rounds made Sharks worried about making an investment.

At present as founder of Ghia product, Melanie Masarin has 57% of the company. So, now she is giving out her shares for such a low valuation.

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Shark Tank US Robert Herjavec made Ghia product founder unluckiest Entrepreneur

ghia-founder-Melanie -masrin

Melanie Masarin was seeking $250k for 5% of the company. But all the sharks were out except Robert Herjavec and Kevin O’Leary.

Robert Herjavec was impressed by the Ghia product founders’ passion. Even she has worked in global brands like Gucci and Goldman Sachs. So, Robert gave the same offer of her $250k for 5%. As it is a generous offer from Robert Herjavec. But Robert told her to accept it right away else I would be out.

However, still Kevin was in the game. Melanie Masarin was not smart enough to grab the deal from Robert. She went on to listen for Kevin’s offer. So, Robert got frustrated and went out of the deal. However, Robert was generous and matched the offer. But the Ghia founder did not respond to his call. 

In the end, Melanie Masarin founder of Ghia, had only one offer from Kevin. She was literally in a tough spot right now. Finally, Kevin made a greedy offer and asked for $250k for 10%.

Melanie Masrin shattered as soon as he heard the offer from Kevin. She shed tears for not accepting Robert’s generous offer. Finally. Melanie left the Shark Tank show without having a deal.

So, the moral of this Shark Tank pitch is that as a founder one has to grab the opportunities rather than wait for the best one.

Ghia product founder Melanie Masarin founder is one of the unluckiest entrepreneurs in Shark Tank US.

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