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5 facts about Mamearth Founders family background


Mamaearth became one of the best homegrown brands in India. Yes, even this startup is also profitable and will come to IPO by 2024. Mamaearth company made 950 crores of revenue and had 20 crores of net profit. Today, we are not going to discuss their entrepreneurial journey. Instead Mamaearth founder’s family background and upbringing. Completely on Mamaearth founders family.

Varun and Gazal Alagh are the founders of Mamaearth company. They started the company to bring organic products for babies.

Varun Alagh Family

Varun Alagh is from Delhi and had a tough day early on. As his father passed in his childhood and noticed all the hardships of her mother. Varun Alagh’s mother was a banker.

His mother used to have 4 sets of dresses and continued to wear them for the next 3 to 4 years because of the financial crunch. So, from childhood was motivated to become successful.

Gazal Alagh Family Background

Gazal Alagh was always a loved one for his parents. She is the only child. Gazal Alag’s father’s name is Kailash Sahini and his mother is Sunita Sahini. His parents were the biggest motivation for her. Gazal Alagh comes from a traditional joint family. She noticed all the discrimination made for females in her joint family.

However, Gazal’s parents were educated and did not restrict her in any way. Even there were times when family members were criticizing them for spending a lot on girl education.

Ultimately, Gazal’s parents were the biggest strength for her.

Gazal Alagh’s mother’s passion for singing and news


Gazal Alagh’s mother was passionate about singing and news reporting. However, she could not pursue her career due to family constraints and restrictions.

Even Gazal Alagh noticed her mother many times singing around and reporting news in front of the mirror. However, she always made sure that no at home.

Gazal Alagh’s mother still regrets her dreams. So, her mother always supported her to do and follow her passion.

Gazal Engieer opt out

Gazal Alagah did not have any kind of interest and love toward science. In her classes 11th and 12th she struggled a lot with science subjects. So, Gazla Alagh decided not to continue her career in engineering.

However, her father used to drop her to the tuition at 5 AM in the morning for two years. Even Gazal Alagh was feeling sad about her father’s struggle for her.

One fine day, Gazal told me about their career and decided not to pursue engineering. Then her parents were not offended by her decision. Instead, they encouraged her to move forward in life. So, finally, Gazal Alagh never took the engineering entrance exam. 

Then she joined BCA at Panjab University. There she worked hard and also got an internship in her second year and started earning earlier than her classmates.

Gazal and Varun’s Marriage Story

The neighbor of the Gazal was a relative of Varun Alagh family. Her neighbor talked about a marriage proposal from Varun’s family.

So, Gazal’s parents went to Varun’s house. There Varun served them coffee. Gazal’s parents were impressed by Varun’s gestures. However, Varun was brought up by his mother. It was quite obvious, he was good at cooking and serving. Even Vaurn’s mother did not bring up him as a typical man.

In the first meeting between Varun and Gazal. Varun respected her dreams and promised to be with her in her mission.

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Parents to Entrepreneurs (Mamaearth founders family)


When Varun and Gazal Alagh became parents, they could not get organic and good baby care products. Many of the products were having contained cancer-causing agents.

So, they started to reasearch for good products. Out of surprise, they could not get any product from India. This moment turned them into Mamearth founders.

Varun Alagh took his 20 lakhs from the Provident fund and started the company. Both Mamearth founders interviewed more than 700 to 800 mothers before manufacturing the products.

Ultimately, Mamaearth founders family are the inspiration for all. Supporting parents are very important to their children’s success.

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