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Top 10 proofs make The Kerala Story Fake Movie


Recently, a multi-language film called ” The Kerala Story” raised popularity regarding radicalism. Where the women in Kerala are forcibly converted to Muslims and eventually joined ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria).

The Kerala Story director Sudipto Sen claimed that 32,000 women are victims and joined ISIS in Kerala.

But the truth came to light that it is yet another political propaganda and conspiracy theory.

Here are some of the Top 10 proofs that tell that The Kerala Story fake movie and a real one

The Kerala Story director Sudipto sent a fake story

The Kerala Story multi-language film based on real events was screened on May 5th, 2023. The film became popular on the very first day by collecting whopping 8 crores. 

Also, movie fans insist other people watch and others quoted that ” Every Hindu should watch the movie”. 

From this aggressive and organic marketing, The Kerala story went on to become an iconic movie. Till now, the movie collected over 215 crores.

But there is a twist, where some of the movie fans called it ha yet another political propaganda where the congress government was targeted.

Even The Keral Story directory Sudipto Sen verdicts also came to know totally wrong and misconception.

32000 women in The Kerala Story Fake Movie

After the release of The Kerala Story movie, the directory Sudipto Sen was told to give relative proof for the claims made in the movie.

But after the movie’s release, Sudipto failed to give the right proof in front of the supreme court.

So, finally, Supreme Court ordered the movie to put a disclaimer as ” it is fictional and not all the claims are real”.

Hence now the movie is seen as The Kerala Story Fake Movie.

Original Story behind The Kerala Incident


In 2021, June India did not allow 4 Kerala women to come back to India as they were prisoned in Afghanistan with their husbands. However, their husbands passed away during the attacks in 2016-2018.

Here are the 4 women’s name

  1. Nimisha (Fatima Isa)
  2. Sonia Sebastian ( Ayisha)
  3. Reffeala
  4. Merrin Jacob ( Marriyan)

The Kerala Story is been made by the above 4 characters where Fatima Isa takes the lead role.

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4 Women from the Kerala Story

All four women are the victim of the love jihad and are also brainwashed. 

As Sonia Sebastian and Merrin Jacob are converted from Christian to Muslim. Here Fatima Isa a Hindu had been converted from Hindu to Muslim.

However, the movie The Kerala Story claims that there are still 32,000 more women who had a similar fate to the above one.

But it’s totally bull shit and a big conspiracy theory. 

Proofs for The Kerala Story fake movie

Here are some of the proofs claiming The Kerala Story fake movie

According to the ORC, there were 200 people from India who went and joined ISIS in 2019. 

Out of 200, there were only 66 from Kerela who joined ISIS. Then after filtering, there were 13 women out of 66 people.

In that 6 women, 

  • 3- Muslims
  • 2- Christian (Saonia Sebastian and Merrin Jacob)
  • 1- Hindu (Fatima Isa)

World Proof 

Vladimir Voronkov a US leader of counter-terrorism stated that over 40,000 people from 110 countries have joined ISIS.

So, we cannot justify that out of 40,000 around 32,000 were Indians. It is totally a conspiracy theory.

Kerala the safe and secular state

After its release, The Kerala Story had a bad impact on the stated Kerala, where everyone had negative feelings. Also, hatred started spreading all around.

Even there were incidents where the Kerala state also took several measures to stop forcible caste conversion.

In 2017, there was clear suspicion of love jihad on 70 people in Kerala. Then Kerala started giving NIA ( National Investigation Agency ) the case to investigate.

Then 2018 it declared that there were the case of ” Love Jihad”.

Even Kerala in there recent times is in the top spots in the following fields

  • Health with 74.01 points
  • Education with 74 points
  • Human Development India 

Ultimately with the following data, everyone can trust Kerala as a safe and secular state.

The Kerala story fake movie depicted Kerala as an unsafe and terrorist state.

The Kerala Story and Politics Mantra

It is clearly telling that the movie brought some negative shades to the Congress government. As the movie was released a week behind the election in Karnataka.

Many claims that it is a Gimic (Cheap Trick ) played by the Central BJP government.

Even PM of India, Narendra Modi, and Amit Shah used ” The Kerala Story” in their political speech multiple times.

Many people are drawing a conclusion as ” The Kerala Story Fake Movie”.

India Government Initiatives on ISIS Attack

The Indian government has taken several measures to keep a check on the movement of ISIS in India.

Many times the government did several secret operations which also came with excellent outcomes as well.

“Operation Pigeon” initiatives were taken by the NIA and IB to prevent people from joining ISIS.

During this operation, 350 youths have been saved from being prey to the Islamic states.

The Kerala Story Fake Movie Conclusion

From all the proof above, we can conclude that The Kerala Story is a Fake movie and yet another political propaganda.

So, we have to believe what is the truth other than these false claims.

Top 8 proofs tells that The Kerala Story is a fake movie 

In the Kerala Story movie, it claimed that 32,000 women from Kerala were made converted to Islam.

Even the Director of The Kerala Story failed to give valid proof for his claims.

Now the movie has a disclaimer of “most of the scenes are fictional and all the events do not have legitimate proofs”.

According to the US report, there werer 40,000 people joined ISIS from 110 countries

So, it is not possible that 32,000 women from Kerala a single state in India got involved.

Even ORC tells that there were only 200 people from India who joined ISIS in 2019.

The Kerala Story movie did not make any justification and made all the false claims. Even the characters are depicted as innocent but they were not in reality.

The highlight of the movie, Fatima is depicted to be innocent but there is a youtube video (real) where she did not appear to be innocent and good. 

1 thought on “Top 10 proofs make The Kerala Story Fake Movie”

  1. Not taking political actions in mind we can see the movie as a movie who is spreading awareness. It aware’s the girls and tell them to be safe the content which is covered in the movie can happen with any of the girl in India. That’s the nature of every Indian citizens they always finds flaws in every good thing. In every matter they want to pop in the political factor. What is the need take it in a positive way. I agree if the given records of 32000 girls are wrong but it is not false that it cannot happen with any of the girl in India. And if there is any political factor behind the movie then let it be. Today’s advanced people do not believe this bulish strategies to dominate the opposing party. People know which government had done what and who will make India’s economy grow. Why it is necessary to find a fault in every thing?

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