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Will Indians get iPhones below 50,000 by 2025


IPhone is a class and brand which everyone needs to own it. 

Since India is a status-driven country, Indians are more obsessed to buy iPhones.

Now, Apple CEO Tim Cook, recently inaugurated Apple Stores in Mumbai and in Delhi. There was a huge crowd gathered at the store’s inauguration celebration.

In the future, there is good news for iPhone users where everyone can get iPhone below 50,000.

Here are the top 3 factors about iPhone manufacturing in India.

New Apple Stores in India

Apple company after a very long time, opened Apple stores in Delhi and Mumbai in 2023 recently.

Now Apple is interested in the Indian market for the sale of iPhones and Apple products.

However, there is a long way to go, since the Indian electronic market is dominated by Android. As of now, Android has nearly 95% of the market share in India and barely the other 5% are of Apple products.

Tim Cook and Mukesh Ambani 

Recently Tim Cook came to Mumbai for the inauguration ceremony of the first-ever Apple store in India.

Then after the opening ceremony, Apple CEO Tim Cook met Mukesh Ambani at his house. There were long hours of discussion going on.

As this is a positive sign for the Indians, if the Apple company makes tie up with the Mukesh Ambani Empire.

Since Mukesh Ambani had already dominated the mobile network space by the launch of JIO.

Even now there are hardly any competitors of the JIO. So, Mukesh Ambani might enter into a partnership with the Apple company.

However, Mukesh Ambani has Reliance Digital across the Indian States. So, Mukesh Ambani’s distribution and Apple’s great product can make an excellent match. 

iPhone Manufacturing Hub in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka

As iPhone parts are sourced and assembled from massive giants across the world.

iPhones batteries are from ATL in China, memory and displays are brought down from South Korea, and Processors are made in Taiwan.

Then after manufacturing the components, companies like Foxconn, Wistron, and Pegatron will assemble them.

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More than 90% of the iPhone will get assembled in China. Since it requires more manpower and highly skilled and experienced people. However, China is known for its population and also skillful people.

Even the wages of the workers are too low. So, China is the best place for iPhone production.

But now there is tension raising between USA and China. However, it will indirectly affect Apple company because of the national relationships.

So to tackle the situation and also to reduce the huge dependency on China, the USA is looking for new markets.

Now India is growing and also there are a lot of good opportunities as well. So, Apple started its manufacturing hubs in the Indian states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

Even iPhone productions of 3 to 6% are going to be made in India as of now.

India’s Potential for iPhone Products

However, India is a status-driven country. Here people want others to perceive them as special and prestigious.

As a result, there is a huge craze for iPhones in the Indian market as well. In 2022, iPhone 13 was one of the most-sold mobiles across India.

So, India’s rapid growth of population and potential of youths make the Apple company thrive with good income in the future.

Definitely, India is going to be one of the major markets for Apple in the coming future.

So, everyone has to wait for the upcoming development of iPhone and Apple products productions.

Will Indians get iPhones below 50,000 by 2025?

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