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Top 7 Best Things about The Whole Truth Startup Founder Shashank Mehta


Everyone in their life has kept their goals to succeed. Some will try and leave it behind. But very few will chase and achieve their passion. Here The Whole Truth Startup founder Shashank Mehata also exceptionally build an organic food brand worth 100 crores within a short time.

Whole Truth is a food and Snacks Brands which provides healthy and chemical-free and organic food products. The platform not only acts as any other e-commerce but also provide an enormous amount of knowledge on protein, vitamin, and other chemical used in packaged food and snacks.

Today, we are going to talk about the Top 10 best things about The Whole Truth Startup founder Shashank Mehanta

His Family Background

Shashank Mehata comes from a middle-class background. His father worked in ONGC for almost 40 years and his mother served as maths and science teacher for 30 years. So, he comes from a pure service-class family background. Then his upbringing was similar to the traditional Indian family. Where his mother was very serious about Shashank’s education. Shashank’s Mother would still punish him, even after getting 98 marks in Maths.

Due to their strict upbringing, Shashank Mehata was very good at studies and also loved Maths and Science.

The Whole Truth Founder Education

Shashank Mehta completed his engineering at Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University. He took Chemical Engineering as his Then Shashank was interested in marketing and brand building. So, he did his MBA in IIM, Lucknow.

Shashank Mehta The Whole Truth Foods Startup Founder: Professional Career

During his post-grad in IIM, Lucknow, he got an internship at an Investment Bank HSBC. So, he took the opportunity and went to explore HSBC. But in the internship, he was in the role of consulting and management. Here, Shashank Mehta did not like to continue his entire future in the field of Consulting and management.

Finally, with hard work and dedication he secured a job at Hindustan Unilever (HUL) in the college placement as Marketing Executive.

Shashank Mehta and HUL

Shashank Mehat always tells without HUL, I may not start The Whole Truth Food Brand. Yes, it is true, because of the experience he got in the company. In the early day, he was in charge of 10000 SKUs with 50,000 retail points to contact and also collaborate with 50 to 60 distributors. So, here Shashank Mehta was handling such a huge responsibility at a very young age in his career.

During the HUL journey, HUL provided them with a car and PA for him. Once Shashank Mehta went to his home with a car. Then his parents noticed that Shashank Mehta get off his car with all due respect from his PA. After witnessing that huge gesture for Shashank, his mother become emotional and praised his son.

FAASOS Startup with Shashank Mehta

Shashank Mehta was doing great in this job at HUL. But one day, he noticed that the FAASOS founder had emailed about in search of entrepreneurs to build a brand. So, Shashank took a bet and wanted to learn entrepreneurship. Finally, he joined the FAASOS in 2012. Earlier FASOOS did not have a cloud kitchen business model. Instead, they owned a series of restaurants. During that early day, there was a high attrition rate in the company. So, Shashank took it as a challenge and started working towards it.

There was a time when he use to for 16 hours a day and 7 days a week. It was tough and challenging for him. During 2 years, Shashank took various roles in Marketing, operation, and Sales. But at one point he decided to quit.

But during this period, FAASOS went from having 5 stores in 2012 to 70 stores in 2014. Even their expanded from 2 to 7 cities and also their team size went on to reach 70 from a small team of 13 in 2012.

However, Shashank quit the FAASOS in 2014.

Again HUL welcomed Shashank Mehta


Yes, it’s the second time to take off his journey in HUL as Trade Manager. Now he got many opportunities to build products for HUL that would compete with brands like Patanjali. Then he started working on the product ” Lever Ayush “. So, worked relentlessly on the product. Finally, he gave some satisfying results to the company.

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Fitshit. in a blog to 100 cr company

Shashank Mehta came from the entrepreneurial set to the normal day job. Whereas in the FAASOOS, he worked almost 16hrs all days a week. It was a relentless tiresome job. But now he was working 8 hr a day and 5 days a week. So, Shashank Mehat got lots of time on weekends.

However, there is a huge connection between fitness and Shashank Mehat. Yes, during his teens he was overweight and everyone would mock him and called Fatty. But he took it as a challenge to come back. So, he quit all the junk and sweat out in a gym. Then he reduced his weight from 110 kg to 60kg.

But the catch here is, he will gain weight as soon as he stops diet and workouts. In his lifetime 3 to 4 times he reduced and gain weight. It is so pathetic.

So, Shashank thought to share his fitness journey with the whole world. Even he had an enormous knowledge of FMCG products and chemical composition.

He started Fitshit. in and provided valuable insights on the health, workout, FMCG products, and side effects of the overconsumption of snacks. Here Shashank Mehta’s content went viral in very few days. Even his content was engaging and also his own experience in FMCG helped him to gain wider experience in chemical composition in the food industry.

A lot of people started engaging with the content and also responded with valuable comments. Here at this point, he realized that many people are facing the problem of being overweight and with the chemical-flooded FMCG products.

So, he decided to give organic food and Snacks to the people. However, he did start all of a sudden this time. However, Shashank Mehta kept on writing blogs on health and food. In the span of 2 and half years, Shashank Mehta Wrote more than 100 blogs.

The Whole Truth Foods Startup Journey

Then he started experimenting with preparing protein bars with fewer and required ingredients only. Every time he use to prepare it in his kitchen and the next day he would give it to his colleagues. Then he got many good responses. At this moment he started to build a brand around the healthy snacks brand.

This time he did not want to take risks instead he raised over 5 crores from his colleagues, top executives, and others. Then the brand Whole Truth Foods startup got germinated with lots of experiments and feedback.

The success of The Whole Truth Startup Founder

Finally, Shashank Mehta, The Whole Truth Startup Founder aims to build 100 crore worth of company. In 2021, the startup made 5 crores of revenue and also has a 300k massive community. Even has its presence across 10 Indian cities. 

This is all about the Top 7 Things About The Whole Truth Startup Founder. Everyone dreams the life to be big but no one will keep the daring steps. Entrepreneurs should be brave and bold to face all the coming odds.

In a Swag” To be an Entrepreneur one need to have balls”.

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