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Top 10 facts on Vaibhav Sisinty Growthschool founder


Now people are showing an obsession with upskilling themselves. Having tech and marketing skills is essential for growth. Everyone is spending lakhs of rupees to become skillful. But now here is the Vaibhav Sisinty Growthschool founder, success story where his skills made him successful.

Today we are going to unwrap the Top 10 surprising facts about Vaibhav Sisinty founder of Growthschool. 

Vaibhav Sisinty and his business mindset at a very young age

As of now, Vaibhav Sisinty is known for his growth on LinkedIn and his platform Growthschool. 

But he had a business Mind at a very young age. At his high school, everyone is busy playing or mocking their fellows but Vaibhav is understood to become a greater seller. 

During those time, he would purchase Bae blades and sell to others with a 200% high margin through his marketing skills.

Later, Vaibhav Sisnty became the founder of Growthschool. 

Discovery Android banned by Google 

Vaibhav Sisnity had a passion for tech. This leads him to do a lot of research on Android and its use cases. By then he understood the entire Android operating system. 

In 2011 he launched a website called ” Discovery Android” with his other two friends. 

From this website, he used to educate the people about Android operating system. Even this website was publishing about the advantages and features of the Android operating system. 

There was a huge increase in Android users in India. So the website got a massive amount of traffic. As a result, Discover Android was having 1 million page views within one year of its launch. 

But this website got banned from Google all of a sudden. But Why? 

As Vaibhav Sisnity knew hacking Android devices. So he published various techniques for the hacking of Androids. Finally, google reported it as offensive and showed them a Red flag on their platform. 

In the end ‘ Discovery Android’ which had tremendous growth end, had thrown away from google.

The journey of Vaibhav Sisinty Growthschool founder had a very challenging situation early on in his life.

Vaibhav Sisnity Startup 

However, he got exposure to various skills like 

  • Website building 
  • Logo Designing 
  • SEO 
  • Branding 
  • Marketing 

Then in 2013, Vaibhav built a digital marketing company ” Crazy Heads Solutions”. So he started his first startup, during his engineering. 

Crazy Head Solution assists various brands to grow digitally and to have a strong online presence. This company helped many startups in 

  • Website Building 
  • Marketing their brands Online 
  • Rank their site to the top of search results 
  • Social Media Marketing 
  • Web Designing 

Over time, Crazy Head solutions had more than 100 clients in its portfolio within 3 years of its launch. The clients were from different countries like US, Brazil, and UK. 

This company designed the logo for Far Eagle company which is now valuing over $500 million. Even it gave its logo designs to another company called Tungsten which was later acquired by Zomato. 

Freelancers from various countries like Indonesia, the Philippines, and Africa were working in Crazy Heads.

In this way, Vaibhav Sisinty at a young age, build a Digital Marketing company that got 2 million in funding. 

Zero Fees paid 

As Vaibhav was running a successful digital marketing company in his engineering. So, he even paid his educational loan of 15 lakhs from the money of his company. 

At the time 2014 to 2016, Crazy Heads company was clocking revenues in crores. This leads him to clear his educational loan without the help of his parents.

Vaibhav Sisinty Education 

In terms of educational background, he did his schooling at ” St Vincent Convent School”.He was not at all a great student. So more frequently he would fail in 2 to 3 subjects. 

Even in class 10th, you failed in 3 to 5 subjects in his preparatory. So his school had gone to such an extent that not allow him to write the final examination. Because it was a reputable college. 

Then he moved to Hyderabad, for his higher education. As he was very notorious, his dad was admitted to a college where his aunt was the principal. So that his mischievous attitude would be within the limit. 

During his engineering career at Gitam College at Vishakapatnum, he built two startups 

  • Discovery Android 
  • Crazy Heads

LinkedIn Growth story of Sisinty 

Vaibhav Sisinty Growth school founder

Vaibhav Sisinty was an avid writer. He had a great passion for content writing. 

At some point in time, he did not get interested in writing long-form blogs 

Then he is which to publish content on Facebook. However, Facebook did not favor content writing. So he did not get high views. 

Then he was fed up with all the platforms. Subsequently, he got introduced to LinkedIn. As usual, he wrote content on Snapdeal. But this time without any kind of expectation. 

The next day, to his surprise he got over 1000 waves and 15 likes for the content. Then he started leveraging his skills on LinkedIn for growth. 

So he started writing on various topics such as 

  • Marketing 
  • IPL 
  • Movies 
  • Social Media Strategy 

So, he started growing in the professional network ‘LinkedIn’.Now, he has a following of over 3.8 lakhs on LinkedIn. 

In this way, Vaibhav Sisinty got LinkedIn growth.

Vaibhav Sisinty Growthschool founder gained a lot of skills at a very young age which made him successful in the future.

Vaibhav Sisinty Family 

Vaibhav was an unlucky child, as a could not get love and care from his mother. Unfortunately, he lost his mother at a very age. 

So his childhood was not filled with fun, as he was constantly bullied by his classmates. Even he was in depression for almost 6 years from class 4 to 10 grade. 

His father was a bank manager at the State Bank of India. Vaibhav’s father gave a lot of importance to his education. 

Another great thing about his father was ” he rejected all his promotions”. Because it needed him to shift to another city, indirectly it would affect Vaibhav’s education. 

In this way, his father was very serious about his education. As his father would take three weeks’ holiday during Vaibhav Sisinty’s 10th board exams. Because he could have a check on his studies. 

Vaibhav Sisnty founder of Growthschool: Backstory at Uber

As he was working at Uber for 4 years. During this period, he got experience in various domains such as marketing and branding. So, he was a growth strategist at Uber. He started getting promotions from marketing coordinator to manager.

Then after Uber, Vaibhav joined a travel tech startup “Klook”. He was leading the marketing, branding, and campaigns of the startup.

With his skills, he took the company from its initial revenue of 6 million per year to 25 million per year.

Finally, the startup had to face a tough time due to covid. Meantime, their revenue drops significantly because of the pandemic and travel restrictions.

So, Vaibhav left the company in September 2020.

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Vaibhav Sisinty founder of Growthschool

Then Vaibhav had immense knowledge of marketing, social media strategies, and branding.

So, he thought to teach people about growth on LinkedIn. He just launched a program on ” Growth on LinkedIn” for 600 per head.

To his surprise, a massive amount of people came to flourish to take the program.

Then next 6 months there were over 25,000 people registered for the program.

Later, Vaibhav Sisinty understood that ” people want to learn from people who they like to become”.

As the people made registration because Vaibhav had more than lakhs of followers. So, people wanted to grow on LinkedIn like him.

In this perspective, he started Growthschool in September 2021. Where the skills are going to teach by industry experts like

  • Branding from – Head of Branding at Dunzo
  • Digital and performance marketing– from employees of Facebook and Google
  • Web Design from- Leading Design head in Swiggy and Zomato

Now, more than 200k students have participated in the 30+ programs. Even the avg rating of the Growthschool courses is 9.1/10.

There are over 400+ industry experts and also 4000+ exclusive content on the platform.

Vaighva Sisinty founder of Growthschool becomes a new sensation.

Growthschool Fundings

As of now, Growthschool had grown aggressively and made a tremendous impact on aspiring students.

In 2022, Growthschool had got funding of $5 million in its seed round.

Even Raj Shamani and Tanmay Bhat made an investment of 38 cores into the company.

Kunal Shah, Nikhil Kamath (Founder of Zerodha), Ritesh Agarwal( founder of OYO), and other 80+ angle investors are invested in the company.

So, these are some of the “Top 10 Surprising facts on Vaibhav Sisinty Growthschool founder”.

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