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Bullspree founders revenue valuation funding


Many of us want to embrace the journey into the stock market. But by witnessing the failure of our closed one we will give up without trying once. Even in many cases, rumors around the stock market make it reluctant to invest in shares.

Especially Indians are stepping back to invest in stocks. Out of 140 crores of the population, only 7.2% or 1.2 crores of people are trading in BSE.

Even out of 108 million demand accounts still, there are only 28 million active demand accounts.

The stock market is a game of ups and downs. But the real art is “when to buy and sell stock“, “what stocks to buy“, “how long I should keep the stocks“, and “long-term or short-term plan“.

Many people will fail in stock because of a lack of knowledge. Even there are a lot of courses or resources on the internet. But all that boring stuff will not compel people to learn stock market.

Now Bullspress will make learning about the stock market a more exciting and interesting way. 

Here is complete information about Bullspree founders revenue valuation funding

What is Bullspree 

Bullspree Founders Name

Bullspree is a startup that is making stock market learning easier with their mobile gaming app. where users can understand stock market investment, tradings, and shares.

Here the user has to create a portfolio where he or she selects the stocks of their choice. Then users participate in the contest to understand the performance of their stocks. Here users have to pay the amount to join the contest.

Then your stocks will trade and you can analyze the value of your stocks. So, from this one can understand how to choose the best stocks.

On this platform, there is an option to trade on Indian stocks, cryptocurrency, and US stocks.

Bullspree founders education

Dharmil Bavishi, Harsh Danwat, and Divyansh Mathur are the founders of Bullspree company. The tri0 started its journey in 2022 with the Bullspree.

Dharmil Bavishi did his at Pandit Deendayal Energy University in Industrial engineering and then did his internship at Hindustan Unilever.

In 2016, he joined Infibeam, as a Business operational manager and then he was promoted to CEO in 2017. There he learned to build an e-commerce supply chain model for various FMCG companies like Amul and Adani Wilmar.

Dharmil was living with his flatmate Harsh Dandwat who is a charted accountant. Then one fine day Dharmil understood the lack of knowledge about the stock market with the majority of people.

So, he wanted to solve this problem. Finally, he also met with Divyansh Mathur, in a Jagriti (Programme). Where Divansh Mathur was from IIT Delhi, Even he worked with startups and had a great interest in entrepreneurship.

Finally, in 2022 they launched the Bullspree stock market-based gaming app.

Bullspree Revenue

Since its inception, Bullspree has got 2 lakhs of users in its app. Also, they have more than 85 lacks, monthly active users.

Bullspree gaming app is educating people in the stock market. Even the user interface is simple and easy to understand way.

As a result, there is over 85% retention rate in the app. Even their customer acquisition cost (CAC) stands at Rs. 52.

The average user spends nearly Rs 322 in the app to participate in the contest.

Bullspress startup is making monthly revenue of over 90 lakhs.

In this Bullspree founders, are making a great impact on the people.

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Bullspree fundings

A stock market-based gaming app, Bullspree had already raised funds in the two rounds.

In the first round

The startup raised 2 crore funding in September 2021

In the second round

Bullspree raised 1 crore in funding in February 2022.

Now Bullspress founders are seeking funding for Shark Tank India Season 2.

Here this startup is seeking 75 lakhs for 1.5% of the company. The total valuation of the company stands at 50 crores.

Finally, Anupam Mittal and Peyush Bansal made an investment of 75 lakhs for 2.86% of the company at a valuation of 26.22 crores.

Bullspree Valuation

In the Shark Tank India Season 2, Bullspree startup got funding of 75 lakhs in exchange for 2.86% of the company.

During the deal, Bullspree valuation stands at 26.22 crores.

In this way, Bullspree founders are making new changes in the learning of the stock market.

So one would have learned all about Bullspree founders revenue valuation funding

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